The Similarities and Differences Between Email and the Postal Service

The similarities between Email and the Postal Services is that you can send a letter to anyone around the world that has access to the Email or the Postal Service. Both the Email and the Post Service will require a virtual or physical address from a sender and the receiver.
The first difference between the Email and the Postal Services, is the time you receive a letter. While you can send an Email and the receiver will get the Email within seconds, it will depend on the location you are sending a letter to, using the Postal Service when the receiver will get the letter. It can take anywhere from a couple days to few weeks. Secondly, Email is free and Postal Service comes with a cost. Third, Email is limited to a certain size of the letter or file you are attaching to the Email; on the other hand, you can send anything from a letter to a big package using the Postal Service.
Crazy to think back that the best way of communicating around the world was through the Postal Service and to ac…

Guest Speaker - Erik Hanberg

It was a great pleasure to hear Erik Hanberg in class last Monday! It was really cool to hear his career journey and how the approach he took for each job and project. It was awesome to learn about the The Horatio,, and Suite 133. Moving forward to the novels he has written. It shows that Erik is confident and has the belief and trust of his loved ones surrounding him. While most people would love to be their own boss, Erik Hanberg realizes the struggles, the obstacles, pros, and cons, but takes the leap of faith and with his experience and knowledge he has succeeded in the field.
The graph that Erik Hanberg drew up, the comparisons between the straight vertical line and "J" shape line to picture the growth of income. Seeing the actual picture and the explanation really helped me understand the trajectory in being employed and self-employed. Obviously there will always be pros and cons, and even with the explanation of Erik Hanberg's downside of his journey.

What Do You Want Out Of This Class?

As an 80's child, the first computer I was first introduced was the old school Macintosh where we played the 1990 Oregon Trail in grade school. It was astonishing how technology has changed over the last twenty five years or so from when I first encountered the computer. I can recall using MS DOS and then being blown away with Windows 95 when it first came out. Before Google, Yahoo! was the greatest search engine I have ever used. Which then in the mid to late 90's, was when connecting with my friends went to a whole new level. AOL's Instant Messenger was the best source of chatting with your friends and Asian Avenue was my first social network site to be consumed. On an important note, besides the importance of why this this class was registered (needed the three credits), it would be a good refresher and also nostalgic to hear the history and the timeline of the internet and other components. In addition to hearing nostalgic content that will be taught in the class, ther…